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New Jersey Wood Floor Polishing

Like other floors, wood floors also fade in luster over time due to constant use and external elements. When this happens, your home’s value decreases, and the floors become more susceptible to damage even though they are known for being the toughest floors available in the market.

wooden floors in the living areaFortunately, there are ways to revive your wood floors to their original luster without having to replace them entirely, and it is through wood floor polishing. Wood floor polishing can restore your floors and give them a new shine, especially if they’re still in perfect condition. But it’s not easy to do yourself. Each wood floor is different, and using the wrong polish or technique can ruin the floor.

If you don’t want to risk damaging your wood floors, you should have a professional New Jersey wood floor polishing team handle the job. Martinez Flooring and Fencing is one of the best New Jersey floor polishing companies. Our team is trained to tackle any type of wood floor and give it new life to help it last a long time.

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Factors to Consider When Polishing Wood Floors

attractive dark wood flooringAlthough polishing floors sounds easy to do, it requires careful planning. Some wood floor polishes can cause color stains that can bleed into wood. Others come with ingredients that can affect the wood floors’ integrity the longer it is used on the surface. As a result, it may affect the aesthetics of your home and its value.

When you reach out to Martinez Flooring and Fencing, you will get a free consultation where our experts can assess your wood floors’ condition to see what type of care they need. For polishing, here are some of the things we consider before we polish wood floors:


Every home has its signature style, which must be considered when picking the right wood floor polish to use. As much as possible, the polish must retain the original color so it still matches the style of the entire space. With this in mind, the polish must either be colorless or made exactly for the wood type.

Martinez Flooring and Fencing knows how difficult it can be to pick the right type of polish that will not affect the wood floors’ quality and color. There are a lot of polishes on the market that claim that they are safe to use for all types of wood floors. Our experts know better and they can determine the perfect wood polish to use for your floors. Then they will apply it properly to keep the wood floors in your home in perfect condition to match your overall style.

Type of Wood Floor

There are many types of wood floors available in the market that cater to homeowners’ aesthetic and functionality requirements. From ash to oak, each one of these wood types has certain maintenance requirements and polishing conditions. Mishandling the type of wood in your flooring can damage it.

Our wood experts will determine the type of wood floor in your home and identify its specific needs. Once the type is identified, the team at Martinez Flooring and Fencing will bring in the right type of polish and equipment to ensure efficient and safe polishing.

Floor Condition

Some homeowners may attempt to do wood floor polishing on their own in an attempt to save some money. Others might have no idea if their floors were polished before, especially homeowners who purchased second-hand homes. Knowing the floor condition is important because the polish used before may have damaged the floor, and adding more polish can damage it further.

While checking the type of floor you have in your space, our wood experts will check your wood floors’ condition and see how it should be polished. If the wood is damaged, our team will let you know and recommend what can be done to replace it without costing too much.

Are you confused about where to start with your wood floor polishing project? Let our team at Martinez Flooring and Fencing take over and make everything stress-free!

All Around Wood Experts

bedroom wooden flooringWhile wood floors are considered to be the most durable types of flooring you can use in a home, they still can suffer wear and damage as time passes. With this in mind, you will need to maintain them to keep them in good condition for a long time.

If you are going to polish your wood floors for the first time or you don’t know how to polish the flooring you have, don’t take the risk of trying to do it yourself. Our team at Martinez Flooring and Fencing can help you with your wood floor issues and help give your floors new life. We will verify the type of wood floor you have and determine the best way to polish it or if it can be polished. This guarantees that your wood floors won’t get damaged by mistake and that they get the right amount of care that they need.

Fully Equipped

Martinez Flooring and Fencing has a trained team to handle the wood polishing process, and uses the latest tools and equipment needed to make any wood floor shine. We don’t use standard wood polish for the projects we handle because we know certain wood panels require polish components that won’t stain or bleed through the wood. When we get a job, we check the wood floors that need polish and identify which type of wood polish is perfect.

We also use the latest equipment to apply and buff up the polish evenly on your floors. This ensures that your floors won’t get damaged as it is being polished and spread the polish evenly on the surface. Our experts are trained to check the quality of the polish and ensure everything is done to your standards before leaving your home.

Full-Service Wood Floor Polishing Company

hardwood flooring installersWhen it comes to wood floor polishing and other wood floor-related services, we are among the best in New Jersey. We ensure that our wood floor experts are up-to-date with the latest techniques to improve wood floors and provide high-quality service to all our clients.

Our team understands how important wood floors are for any home or space as they can add value and style to the entire area. We are always ready to help you with your wood floor problems and recommend the best way to keep your wood floors beautiful and functional for everyone. We keep our prices affordable so that you can achieve the homey feel that wood floors create without worrying about high costs.

Martinez Flooring and Fencing is the ideal wood floor polishing partner for your home improvement project. When you call us today, we’ll guide you through the process and ensure you know what you are getting when we are finished.

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New Jersey Wood Floor Polishing logo 300x60Don’t let your wood floors lose their luster and shine completely. With the New Jersey wood floor polishing services we have at Martinez Flooring and Fencing, you can give your dull-looking floors a new life. We are a New Jersey wood floor polishing company dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in reviving your wood floors and retaining their value at a reasonable price.

Ring us up today to find out more about our services, and our wood experts will be with you shortly to recommend the best service for your floors.

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