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New Jersey Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood is a classic and elegant flooring choice. It comes with a hefty cost but also adds value to a residential property.

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Hardwood floors add style and sophistication to your space, too. However, even if it’s expensive and high-quality, it will need refinishing from time to time to maintain its appearance.

Refinishing is a floor maintenance process that involves removing the existing finish and applying a new coating on your hardwood floors. After refinishing your floors, they will look new and vibrant again.

If you want to give your old hardwood floors a brand new look, you should think about refinishing them. Our New Jersey flooring company can provide expert hardwood floor refinishing at an affordable price.

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Benefits of Refinishing your Hardwood Floors

hardwood flooringRefinishing is a great way to preserve your treasured hardwood floors. Even if they get damaged or lose their original beauty, refinishing can bring them back to their brand new state. Here are other benefits of refinishing your hardwood floors:

1. Extends the lifespan of your hardwood floors.

Even if hardwood is one of the most expensive and long-lasting floor materials, it must be maintained. When you refinish your hardwood floors, you’ll be improving their functionality and getting rid of their flaws and minor damages. This process will ensure that you’ll get to enjoy your hardwood floors for a longer time.

2. Improves the appearance of your floors.

Due to minor scratches caused by daily foot traffic and activities done at your home, your hardwood floors might lose their original shine and beauty. After refinishing them, your hardwood floors will look polished and almost new-like. Your floors’ original classy and beautiful appearance will be restored.

3. Gets rid of excessive staining.

If you have active kids or pets, there might be many daily activities happening around your house that can stain your hardwood floors. If the stains are too much that your floors are starting to look old and unsightly, refinishing is your best solution. This type of flooring service will get rid of all the stains on your hardwood floor.

4. Saves money.

Instead of spending a fortune on repairs and replacement, refinishing your floors will save you a lot of money in the long run. You’ll be fixing minor damages and restoring your floors’ beautiful appearance without spending as much as you would if you repair or replace them.

5. Adds value to your home.

Every homeowner gets impressed when they see beautiful hardwood floors in a residential space. They instantly make a home look expensive and well taken care of. Refinished hardwood floors will also increase the market value of a residential property. Refinishing your floors will be highly beneficial for you if you have plans of selling your home in the future.

6. Improves your home’s safety.

Having damaged floors can be dangerous for your family members, especially if you live with babies, kids, or older people. A splintering hardwood floor can cause serious foot injury to anyone living with you. Refinishing your hardwood floors will make your home a safer place for you and your family.

7. Eliminates pests.

If there are craters and crevices in your hardwood floors, they can lure pests into your home. Pests are considered health risks and can cause harm to your family members. Through refinishing your hardwood floors, you can fix those craters and crevices and eliminate pests.

New Jersey Hardwood Floor Refinishing Experts

hardwood flooring installersFor all your New Jersey hardwood floor refinishing needs, don’t hesitate to call Martinez Flooring and Fencing. When it comes to flooring, we are experts, so expect that your classy hardwood floors are in good hands with us.

We provide impeccable floor refinishing services, as well as top-notch products to ensure that your newly refinished hardwood floors will last for a long time. We aim to give our clients flawless flooring services at an affordable cost.

Free Consultations

New Jersey Hardwood Floor Refinishing logo 300x60If you’re unsure if your hardwood floors need refinishing, you can talk to our experts through our free consultations. Once we’ve assessed the condition of your floors, we’ll give you expert recommendations on whether your floors need refinishing or not. If you need New Jersey hardwood floor refinishing, Martinez Flooring and Fencing is your best choice for the job. We have a team of experts dedicated to giving our clients top-notch refinishing services.

For all your New Jersey hardwood floor refinishing needs, Martinez Flooring and Fencing is the one you should call.

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